Here's who i am

Keep it simple and efficient

Passionnated by technologies since i was a kid, i do like learning new stuff, on the internet as much as during conferences or around a beer.
I fell into the Developper's world when i found myself in Brest almost 3 years ago, while starting IT studies in ISEN and i keep on exploring systems.
Learn. Use. Share. Repeat.

Things I Can Do

Please find below a summarization of what i can do, if interested in technical details see Accomplishments or my Github

  • Code (Node.js , Python, PHP )
  • SysAdmin (Docker, Ansible, Caddy, Bash)
  • Learn
  • Drink much coffee
  • Be efficient and responsive
  • Share with people

Things i wrote

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for anything, i'm available on twitter, mail, keybase chat